a log of cd's purchased + shows attended + other stuff.
hmv --> 3/30$

other recent purchases:

hawksley workman- lover/fighter
i saw his show during the popmontreal festival a couple of years ago, and it was great. in the middle of his set, he even did a little tap dance number, which was entertaining. but for some reason, i never got his cd, not until recently. one of my favourite hawksley workman songs, "no reason to cry out your eyes" is on this album.

rise against - siren song of the counter culture
i haven't listened to any punk for a long while... the only reason i got this cd is because of the song "swing life away", the only acoustic non-punk track of the album. still, the rest is pretty good, so i'm glad about this purchase.

sparta - porcelain
i got this because i needed a third cd to complete the 3/$30 offer. i was hesitating between sparta and apostle of hustle. and i chose sparta, which cancels out any indie points i had (for those who are actually counting). haha. anyway, i already have "wiretap scars" and quite enjoyed it, so i thought maybe i'd like "porcelain" too. well, i was wrong.


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