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the glove

the deluxe edition of the glove's "blue sunshine" was released today. i've not heard anything from this "band", but since it's a collaboration between robert smith of the cure and steven severin of siouxsie & the banshees, i think i will like it.


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devotchka, indochine, regina spektor

the discs i ordered a few weeks ago finally arrived by mail today.

devotchka - how it ends
when i first heard about them, i confused them with the punk band devotchkas, and so never really checked out their stuff. finally, my friend roxanne sent me a devotchka song "how it ends". it was absolutely beautiful, with the stringed instruments near the end. this album is a mix of genres, mostly gypsy folk, with some polka, and cabaret rock.

indochine - paradize
when their album "danceteria" was released, i heard a bit about indochine. but it was seeing their video "mao boy" from the album "paradize" that i realized i really liked their music. and after seeing them live, i loved their show so much, i had to get this album. this is one of the few french bands i really love. i am hoping to find their older albums, but it appears most of them are imports...

regina spektor - soviet kitch
i first heard about her when a musiqueplus vj was presenting her video for "us", and described her as "comme une tori amos fuckée." it's actually quite accurate. a strong singing voice with piano, and the occasional band to accompany some songs.


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storage space

now, i have run out of space on my shelves for any additional cd's. i will have to find some temporary storage for the cd's that i ordered and are arriving in the next couple of days...



the cure

today, another batch of the cure reissues was released. how exciting. i immediately got all three albums,"the top", "the head on the door", and "kiss me kiss me kiss me".

the remaining of this week will be the cure marathon for me. i hope i won't get too depressed afterwards...


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