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the clash

a splurge. a late christmas gift for myself. a little reward for the previous semester's satisfactory grades. whatever the excuse, it's the clash "singles" box set! this is the most i've spent on a single title; i've never bought a box set of anything before.

both hmv megastore and fairview ran out, so i had to order it online last friday. it arrived this morning, while i was at school. of course, the first thing i did when i got home was to rip the package open.

sure, i've already got most of the a-sides on another compilation. but the box set packaging is so cool! the nineteen singles come in their original sleeves. the cd's are even made to mimick vinyl, being all-black, with the title label in the centre, and even little grooves on the disc! so cute. what i don't already have are the b-sides and the bonus tracks. also, the booklet has a story on each single.

right now, i am going through the discs, even though i've heard most of these songs already. but i never tire of the clash's music: it's so catchy, danceable, and always makes me happy. one of the bonus tracks "rudie can't fail" has quickly become one of my favourites. but my favourite track of all is "should i stay or should i go?".

anyway, i know these discs will be in constant rotation this week, even if it means i have to keep switching after every two/three tracks.


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