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back to school

during the short winter vacation, i worked extra hours, earning some extra spending money.

now, the dilemma: should i save this money for textbooks? or should i spend it all on getting those cd's that have been on my wishlist forever?

yesterday after school, i had two hours to kill. so i went to hmv megastore. and i left with:


daft punk - homework
i first heard about this duo back in high school, when i saw their video "da funk" and thought, wtf?! a dog walking around downtown new york at night? anyway, the other singles from this album are quite catchy. and i don't own an actual dance/electro album, so this will be my first.

damien rice - o
i think i heard this album once, but i don't remember any of the songs. i only rememeber liking "the blower's daughter".

dj shadow - endtroducing
again, i think i've heard this album once, but only remember liking one track, "stem/long stem".

feist - let it die
she has a nice voice, and nice songs.

imogen heap - speak for yourself
the song "hide and seek" alone is worth buying the entire album.

tegan and sara - so jealous
some harmless canadian pop-rock. i liked their previous album, so i got this one too.

requiem for a dream - original soundtrack
i discovered the movie and the soundtrack through my brother. the movie is one of the most disturbing i've ever seen. and the soundtrack is so beautiful, yet creepy at the same time.


- boondock saints
- monty python and the holy grail


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guilty pleasure

confession: i like kelly clarkson's singles. that is my guilty pleasure.

a while ago, i heard that *ted leo* covered one of her songs. it played on the radio, but i had missed it.

today, i was just jumping from blog to blog, and stumbled on a link to ted leo's cover of "since u been gone".


it's really silly, but i was really excited about hearing this song. and i love how he threw in a few lines from yeah yeah yeahs' "maps".

"... wait, they don't love you like i love you..."

(haha, okay, i'll stop being such a fangirl.)