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dumas - rouge

hier, je suis passée par le magasin de disque, et oh! un nouvel album de dumas, "rouge".

évidemment, "rouge" est la suite de "nord", vu que les pièces sont numérotées de 10 à 19.

la conception graphique sur les pochette fait croire qu'il y aura surement un troisième disque, à venir... au printemps, peut-être?

à la première écoute, déjà, j'aime bien ces nouvelles chansons. ma préférée étant "un train dans la nuit". belles voix.


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beirut, thursday

i got two new releases yesterday.

beirut - march of the zapotec / realpeople holland [ep]

a double ep. disc 1 "march of the zapotec" is a continuation of their usual sound, this time played by a full band. the songs vary between sombre and dramatic (funeral music?) and some lighter stuff (parade or family party?). disc 2 "realpeople holland" is quite different, more electro-influenced. i love the closing track "no dice", which is slightly 80's retro and so damn catchy.

thursday - common existence

i had filed them in the category of "bands i used to like when i was an angsty teenager". but their recent split with envy impressed me, with some experimentation with new sounds (an instrumental track!). however, at first listen, i was disappointed at this new album, since it sounded like their usual old stuff to me: sing-shouted vocals, loud guitars, the occasional melodic break. but with every listen, i seem to discover something new each time; i am liking this more and more.


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lamy safari charcoal

how exciting. i feel like a kid getting a new toy.

i bought my first lamy safari today. decided on a matt charcoal, an understated colour.

i love it.



old mono

the new mono has leaked, and it sound pretty good. so, while procrastinating at school yesterday, i browsed cheap thrills' online catalog, and saw that they were selling and older mono release "one step more and you die" for only $13.

on my way home from school, i picked it up. a total impulse buy. but i can never have enough post-rock.

it would be nice to collect their other releases as well. perhaps when the currency exchange rate gets better, i will order them at temporary residence; i've had amazing service with them.


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