a log of cd's purchased + shows attended + other stuff.
l'échange / st-denis

my last stop was another store i had never visited before, even though i had seen it many times from the street. at this point, i was feeling tired from going through shelves of cd's. i ended up just browsing through the bargain section.

mando diao - bring 'em in
dirty-ish rock 'n roll.

paul cargnello - lightweight romeo
singer-songwriter folk-punk. i really like his song "vitesse", as he sings in french with a cute anglo accent.

mainly, i got these because they were only $3 each.


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i had seen this store many times from the street, but today was my first time going inside. they mostly sell vinyl, but i managed to find a few cd's i wanted.

a silver mt. zion - horses in the sky
after hearing their discography, this is my favourite album of theirs.

city and colour - sometimes
a bit of a guilty pleasure...

horrorpops - hell yeah
i don't have any rockabilly in my collection. i think this is a good start.

minor threat - complete discography
since i got some fugazi, i absolutely must get some minor threat as well.

weezer - pinkerton
as everyone says, this is their best album.


edit: gah! i feel duped... when i played the horrorpops cd, it turned out to be an album called "self destruction of man" by a band called "destruction unit". what the hell? this is not because it is the wrong cd in the case... the disc art clearly displays the catalogue number of the horrorpops title. yet, it is a whole other album when played. weird. someone must have made a mistake at the manufacturing plant.


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le marché du disque

second stop was at le marché du disque. i went through rows and rows of cd's, but nothing was of interest.

i just got fugazi's "the argument". they are an influential band, so i feel i should have at least one cd in my collection. but i think i would prefer the earlier stuff, like maybe "13 songs" or "repeater"...


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l'échange / mont-royal

this week is my midterm break. so i shopped for some second-hand cd's today. it is a always a surprise to see what i will find. my first stop was at l'échange on mont-royal.

amon tobin - supermodified
i first found out about amon tobin after seeing the somewhat creepy video of "four ton mantis". i got this album for that song alone.

blutengel - child of glass
german electro with a gothic feel.

depeche mode - remixes 81-04 (limited 3-disc edition)
i have been drooling over this for a long while, but the $40 price tag at hmv kept me from buying it. i am so happy i waited, because i found it today at $18. so happy!

dan in real life - soundtrack
(new?) music from sondre lerche. i love his cover of "let my love open the door".

good bye, lenin! - soundtrack
i saw this movie years ago, and loved it. yann tiersen did the soundtrack, so it should be quite good.


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