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penny sparkle, five ghosts

the new blonde redhead album, "penny sparkle", was released last week. i got the limited edition. at the store, the only difference i could see was that it was packaged in a cardboard box instead; no extra tracks or anything.

when i opened it at home, i saw that not only is the box lined inside, the disc is contained in a small canvas pouch. how precious.

after a couple of listens, it sounds alright. so far, there isn't one track that stands out too much for me. i think i need several more listens to fully appreciate this.

at the store, i saw that they were selling the most recent stars album "the five ghosts", with a discount on the limited edition that includes the bonus ep "the séance". even though i don't know what this album sounds like, i still got it.

sadly, it's been a week, and i haven't gotten around to listening to this yet...


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personal life

two weeks ago, when i went to the store to get robyn's new release, i saw that the thermals have a new album out, "personal life". i feel like they've been releasing the same album over and over again, so i didn't pay any attention to it. until later that day, when i listened to a full album stream on npr. i was hooked by the fourth track or so.

i returned to the store the next day to get the new release.

i've listened to it a couple of times now. sounds more or less like all their previous stuff. less angry, more pop, less loud, more mellow.

my favourite is the 'soft' song "never listen to me":

i also like "your love is so strong", which sounds the most like their old songs:


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body talk

robyn's new mini-album "body talk pt.2" was released today; i got it on my way to school. it's more of that cool pop-electro stuff she does so well.

standout track for me is "indestructible (acoustic version)"; the strings in the beginning is so lovely. and i love the tough girl act on "u should know better".

robyn - indestructible (acoustic version)

robyn feat. snoop dogg - u should know better

[side note: i am still continuing my challenge. i am at the blood brothers' releases right now. i haven't listened to this stuff in so long that i'd forgotten how much i love it.]


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