a log of cd's purchased + shows attended + other stuff.
bright eyes

i love bright eyes. i've seen them live three times. i have all their studio albums. but i am not fanatical enough to get their non-album material (ep's, singles, splits, etc.). so when i saw an ad in a magazine announcing the release of a collection of non-album material, i was quite excited about it. i found an online leak of the entire, just to get a taste, but i knew i would be getting it anyway. on its release date, i went to hmv megastore looking for the cd "noise floor (rarities: 1998-2005)". to my surprise, i could not find it. i was about to order it online, when yesterday, i passed by hmv in fairview, and actually found the cd there.

no surprises, the songs here sound like typical bright eyes stuff. there's the acoustic, the angry, the emotional, even one slightly electro track. i've found that their material is pretty consistent. so listening to the tracks collected here, spanning over seven years, i cannot tell easily tell which period each song was from. i like how the lyrics booklet provides those little bits of info.


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with my purchase today, the clerk at the store gave me a two-disc sampler "summer 2006 red ink music". hehe, summer is over and they are obviously trying to get rid of their promo material.

funny how the songs are distributed over the two discs. disc one: hipster/indie rock; light head nod and foot tap, while maintaining an indier-than-thou attitude. disc two: punk/hardcore/metal; rock out so hard, until headache and nosebleed.



joel plaskett

i remember seeing a zellers commercial a few months ago, featuring a catchy song. i did not know what the song was, but i thought "this sounds like joel plaskett. but it couldn't be, could it?" it turned out it was. and the song was "nowhere with you".

a couple of weeks ago, see vous play (a free concert) took place in toronto. this past weekend, i finally got a chance to check out the webcast of joel plaskett's performance. it was great.

today, i got his most recent album "la de da", even though it does not contain "nowhere with you". i was then delighted to find out that the album came with a three-song ep, including said song. yay.

the songs on the album are less catchy. more acoustico-folk type of thing.


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blood brothers

i only found out last week that the blood brothers have new material. after seeing their most recent video, i listened to a stream of the new album. and now, i am obsessed with this band. they are my favourite band of the week.

their new album "young machetes" was out today, and so i had to get it. it is so good. i love how intense and energetic the music is. i love the dual vocal assault/shrieks.

during the train ride home, i was reading the lyrics booklet. wtf...? it's kind of messed up. the lyrics aren't particularly scary or anything, but the topics are kind of uncomfortable. i love it.

this disc will be in my cd player for the rest of the week.

it makes me so sad that i will miss their live show because i have a evening class that day. i love this band so much, i've considered skipping class to see them live. (but i won't.)

[yay! this was my 400th cd!]


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hmv are having a "solde monstre". and so i got nine inch nails' "pretty hate machine", to complete my collection of nin albums.

it's been a while since i listened to nin...


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regina spektor @ le national

it is that time of the year: popmontreal festival. i only went to one show, and it was tonight.

only son was the opener. a simple set, just the guy and his acoustic guitar. typical indie pop-rock. at the end of his set, he remembered to plug his myspace page. it was funny.

finally, after some waiting around, regina spektor came on stage. she wore such a cute outfit: a sparkly starfish hair barrette to clip her curls, a silver sequined bolero over a black tanktop, a red skirt, and killer red boots with kitten heels.

her first song was just vocals.

the first part of her set was solo. she mostly played on the keyboards.

for one song, she played guitar.

later on, she had a band to back her up.

since i do not know her entire catalogue, i only recognised some songs, such as "poor little rich boy" (where she did the percussions herself by hitting a chair with a stick), "carbon monoxide", "sailor song", "your honor", "the ghost of corporate future", "samson", "après moi", "that time", "edit". and of course, she played her most recent hit "fidelity", which is one of my favourite songs. she played my other favourite song "us" during the encore.

she finished her set with an upbeat track, with her band. too bad i don't know what song it was.

i really enjoyed this show. it was my first time at that venue, and the place is lovely. i loved how intimate the show felt, because it was so quiet. and the way she sings is so quirky and beautiful.


cd purchases: i got regina spektor's "songs", which is a collection of her early work. i also got her most recent, the limited edition of "begin to hope", that comes with an extra disc, yay!

hearing damage: absolutely none.


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ladytron @ metropolis

i went to the show last night with concert buddy roxanne. in the line-up, we met a girl who appeared to be a über-fan. we ended up hanging out with her during the rest of the show. since this was my first show since june, i intended to have some fun, perhaps even "dance" a little. luckily, both bands were very dance-able.

the openers were css, a brazilian chick band with one guy. their singer seemed to be having a lot of fun, waving her arms around, shaking her head, flicking her hair all over the place. dressed in an oversized sweater, funky leggings, old school sneakers, she busted out some cheezy dance moves, which made her look like an extra in some bad early 90's aerobics video...

next, ladytron took the stage. contrary to what i thought, they are not robots, and actually do move around on stage, a little. i must admit that i don't know their songs, i was there just to check them out. but i ended up really enjoying their set, even dancing along clumsily ungracefully. i liked that the two singers have such different vocal styles, which influenced the way their songs sounded. there were some really dance-able tunes, others were borderline industrial. very cool. i've become a new fan.

after the show, we followed/stalked them to the afterparty, some dj set a block away, at the s.a.t. we got autographs and pics taken with some band members. i felt like such a fangirl/dork. very uncool.

overall, i had a great time.


cd purchases: the css self-titled album was sold out after the show, so i got the ep "css suxxx" instead. i also got the ladytron album discography, "604", "light & magic", "witching hour".

hearing damage: moderate. my ears felt stuffed, even when i awoke this morning. but my hearing has gone back to normal throughout the day. i still wonder if i should start wearing earplugs to shows; i should start caring about my hearing.


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