a log of cd's purchased + shows attended + other stuff.
midterm break

after not doing so good in my midterm exams, i think i deserve this one-week break from school. and so today, we went eating with the cousins. after the meal, we shopped around.

we passed by hmv. i made some purchases.

malajube - le compte complet
malajube - trompe-l'oeil
someone once described them as a french version of the unicorns. i've only heard a couple of tracks, but these cd's were part of a 2/$30 deal, so i got them to check them out. the songs are fun and light. perfect pop.

massive attack - blue lines
massive attack - protection
massive attack - 100th window
these were part of a 3/$30 deal. when i saw that "100th window" is only for $10, i knew i had to get it. then, when i saw "blue lines", i couldn't remember if i already had the album. anyway, the music is slow and mellow, with cool beats and smooth vocals. perfect for chilling out.


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new cd player

i must have dropped my cd player once too often; the buttons don't respond properly. so i got another one today. it's blue!





"what's the best way to piss off an indie rock snob?"

"actually enjoy music."