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mogwai - ep+6

nothing special today. i got mogwai's "ep+6", which is a compilation of three ep's. this was an impulse buy, on my way home from school. i got the cd because it contains non-album songs. i also saw the "zidane" soundtrack, but the $27 pricetag kept me from getting it; so pricey for a plastic disc.


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moleskine planner (red)

i know it's still early, but i went for an addition to my other collection:

it is a moleskine diary, in red hardcover, with the weekly + notebook format.

the $24 price tag stung just a little, especially since i know i can probably get a planner for free at school. but the moleskine is so pretty. i guess i am just following the hype here.



nine inch nails - the slip

yes, i know, nine inch nails' "the slip" was already digitally released a couple of months ago, for free. i had downloaded it then. but that doesn't stop me from buying the physical release today. just to push cd sales, it includes a dvd and some stickers (whatever), and is limited to 250,000 copies.

when i first listened to this album, i quite liked it, much more than the previous "ghosts i-iv". whereas "ghosts" sounds more experimental, like an exercise in the studio, "the slip" feels more like a complete album. the first part (tracks 1-6) sounds like typical nin songs, with catchy beats and/or angry vocals. the last few tracks (7-10) are my favourite: mostly instrumental, atmospheric, all the good stuff i love from "the fragile".

i looked around at the copies in the store, trying to find some good numbers. i settled on number 92,999:


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on constant rotation

i can't stop listening to these two albums right now:

rocky votolato - suicide medicine
hightlight track: suicide medicine (also, live version)

jay brannan - goddamned
highlight track: housewife



hmv promos

i had lunch today with cousin e. after the meal, we went to hmv. i got some cd's that were on special.

i got some newer releases that were part of the 2/$25 promotion:

armin van buuren - imagine
a reminder of when i first started listening to music; it was dance mixes.

ladytron - velocifero
the first track i heard from this album is "black cat", with a slight industrial feel to it; i like. after listening to the whole album, another track i enjoy is "the lovers".

i also got some older releases, part of the 2/$20 promotion:

gorillaz - demon days
no comment. actually, this was rather disappointing; i only got this to pair with the nada surf cd.

nada surf - let go
at first listen, their music is nothing special. but i find myself liking their songs more and more with every listen. their songs are perfect pop sweetness, and the vocalist's voice sounds so kind. my favourite track is "inside of love". it's such a beautiful love song.


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