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boxing day

rather than shop for clothes or for electronics today (the lines for the dressing rooms/cash registers were way too long), i browsed at the bookstore. the seasonal items were all at half price. i bought a box of greeting cards, and two moleskine planners: one pocket-size red, one large-size black.

yeah, i know, i had already bought a planner to use in 2009. these two i will use as journals; they shall join my stack of blank notebooks.



los campesinos! + pavement + others

los campesinos! released their second album of the year a few weeks ago. i couldn't find it at the store, so i ordered it online. i also ordered the pavement deluxe reissue, released earlier this month.

los campesinos! - we are beautiful, we are doomed
whereas their previous album sounded like a bunch of kids trying to have some fun, this new album sounds a bit more serious (mature?). yet the songs are slightly more chaotic. i still enjoy the half-shouted vocals with a hint of urgency.

pavement - brighten the corners: nicene creedence edition
this is the album that contains the pavement songs i have actually heard on the radio, such as "stereo" and "shady lane".

since i needed to order for $39 to get free shipping, i had to add another item, but i couldn't decide which, so i picked three more titles to knock off my wishlist.

matt & kim - s/t
a musical duo making pop songs. fun and energetic. perfect for getting anyone out of a bad mood.

voxtrot - your biggest fan [ep]
one of their early ep's, containing only three songs. short and sweet.

[there is another cd with my order, but that will arrive in a future shipment.]


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end of the year 2008

okay, so december has been a quiet month, in terms of cd purchases (i haven't bought any so far). it's the end of the year, so let's do like everyone: make a 'best of' list of some sort.

here is a list of my favourite 2008 releases, with a stream of my favourite track(s).

amanda palmer - who killed amanda palmer
song: oasis

not only is this a great song, the video is the funniest that i have seen.

armin van buuren - imagine
song: unforgivable (feat. jaren)

yeah, i went through an electronica phase at some point this year.

conor oberst - s/t
song: cape carnaveral

i'm a fangirl.

devotchka - a mad and faithful telling
song: the clockwise witness

balkan-inspired type of music.

final fantasy - spectrum, 14th century [ep]
song: the butcher

another crazy video. an ep with a few new songs. i hope he releases a new album soon.

jaguar love - take me to the sea
song: highways of gold

song: bats over the pacific ocean

ex-members of the blood brothers and pretty girls make graves, so it's obvious that i would like this band. i like both songs; one sounds similar to their old bands, the other not so much.

leandra - metamorphine
song: tyberi folla

a random discovery. dark fairy music? she even sings in her own made-up language.

los campesinos! - hold on now, youngster...
song: death to los campesinos!

song: my year in lists

i love this band; their songs are so much fun. i had trouble picking out my favourite track.

mogwai - the hawk is howling
song: the sun smells too loud

no surprises, sounds like a typical mogwai release.

nine inch nails - the slip
song: discipline

song: the four of us are dying

his second free album released this year. i really like the second half of this, which has a more atmospheric sound.

rachael yamagata - elephants... teeth sinking into heart
song: elephants

song: sidedish friend

this is like two different albums in one.

thursday/envy - split
song: appeared and was gone (thursday)

song: an umbrella fallen into fiction (envy)

i was quite impressed with the thursday tracks. i hope they experiment more with this new sound.