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the bachelor

i was practically drooling on my way home from work on wednesday, after buying the new patrick wolf release "the bachelor". i am such a fangirl.

yeah, i know, it was released in the uk a couple of months ago, and it had leaked online before that. but i didn't listen to any of it. except for the first single "vulture", when i saw the video. i was a little surprised with that song (it sounds different from his previous material), and not too impressed with that video.

i've been listening to the album on repeat for the past few days. i quite like it. it's consistent with his previous material; there are elements in several songs that remind me of each of his previous albums. for example, "count of casualty" has the electro beats and samplings of "lycanthropy", "the sun is often out" has the melancholic strings of "wind in the wires", and "blackdown" has the cheerful party mood of "the magic position".

a few interesting contributors on this album: narration by tilda swinton on "oblivion", "thickets", and "theseus", which are incidentally some of my favourite tracks. and alec empire's influence is apparent on "vulture" and "battle", two songs that don't work too much for me; after mutiple listens, i am starting to like "vulture", but am still trying to digest "battle".

i must say, i find that cover kind of ridiculous, even more so are some of the pictures in the booklet.

so the second single is "hard times"; great song, good beats, easy to sing along too. but not impressed with that video either; for some reason, it makes me think of fischerspooner (maybe it's the face paint, or the platinum blonde pompadour, or the costumes?).


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nouvelle vague

last saturday (august 1st), i met up with k, the only high school friend i've kept in touch with with. still, i had not heard from her for two years, since she's left for toronto for her studies.

we had some dinner, then walked around for a bit. the francofolies were taking place, so we checked that out. we stayed for a performance by a band called french kiss. interesting, with the electronic harp, and the improv piece they did.

in the marketplace area, i had to check out the music booth (archambault). i tried to resist buying, but in the end, i got the nouvelle vague self-titled debut album. i really like what they do, covering new wave songs in a jazz style.

my favourite track on this album is "guns of brixton", originally recorded by the clash. i already love the original so much.


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moleskine planners 2010

a recent purchase of moleskine planners: the weekly notebook planner in red hardcover, and the colour a month daily planner in 12 notebooks, which is new this year.

it's so colourful!

as for the rigid black cover, the pocket opens upwards.