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on dirait que je suis sur un petit trip de musique franco, ces temps-ci...

en lisant le délit la semaine dernière, j'ai appris que dumas a lancé un album surprise le mois dernier.

je me rappelle avoir adoré son deuxième album "le cours des jours", avec ma pièce préférée "j'erre", une pièce qui s'écoute très bien, ces jours-ci.

même si son précédent "fixer le temps" m'a un peu déçue, je me suis procuré son plus récent "nord".

je l'écoute en ce moment. j'aime bien.


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ah, canadian winter

as soon as i start thinking "winter isn't so bad; why did i always complain about it in the past years?", the cold hits: for a few days, the temperature drops to -25 deg (or -35 deg with the wind) and all i want to do is stay in bed.

this morning, a water main burst, and flooded a section of my street.

combined with the -26 deg temperature, some mist was formed. pretty.




i recently came across this release:
killer bug - beyond the valley of the tapes

wah! this music makes me cry.

here is a sample track.
warning: turn the volume to minimum before playing.

obviously, i am not ready to handle this (although the more i listen to this, the less i find it shocking...). perhaps i should train myself first by going through all 50 discs from "merzbox".