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hmv is having some sales, and so i got a bunch of cd's.

belle and sebastian - if you're feeling sinister
belle and sebastian - the boy with the arab strap
belle and sebastian - fold your hands child, you walk like a peasant
i've been wanting some b&s albums for a while, but they've usually been pricey. i got them now at a reduced price. some nice indie/twee pop to add to my collection.

death cab for cutie - you can play these songs with chords
death cab for cutie - the photo album
this completes my dcfc album collection. i could probably do without the b-sides compilation (since it has several songs already also on their debut album), but it contains their cover of "this charming man", which is probably the best track on that disc.

radiohead - pablo honey
this completes my collection of rh 'rock' albums. i must admit that i don't care much about their later material (everything after "ok computer"), when they became all 'experimental' and stuff.


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the new muse cd "black holes and revelations" is out today.

at first listen, i fell in love with the first two tracks, especially "starlight". it reminded me of how much i love this band. i couldn't help myself from dancing along.

then, the third track "supermassive black hole" left me confused. it doesn't sound anything like them. maybe they are trying something new? anyway, it doesn't work.

luckily, at the fourth track "map of the problematique", they go back to their usual sound.

the last track "knights of cydonia" sounds like the soundtrack to some big battle, which is the perfect way to end the album.

now, i really want to see this band live. but they'll be playing at the quai jacques-cartier, outdoors, which means that i will not be attending. i dislike outside shows.


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