a log of cd's purchased + shows attended + other stuff.
boxing day! (more)

i also made a non-cd purchase, as a gift for myself. it is a moleskine diary (pocket size), and in red! i must confess, i have bit of a stationery fetish (especially notebooks), so i am very happy i got this, and at half price too!

it is so pretty, i took some pictures.

the full notebook:

some detail shots:



boxing day!

for the past several years, i've worked on boxing day. this year, now that i am unemployed, i've decided to go boxing day shopping by myself, despite the craziness of the crowds. the weather was really nice today, so i mostly wandered from store to store. none of the specials were appealing to me, which is a good thing, since i am trying not to spend money.

still, at hmv, i grabbed a couple of cd's i wanted. at full price, but whatever. it's the end of the year; i should treat myself.

los campesinos! - sticking fingers into sockets
this is one of those pleasant discoveries i've made this year. this ep is pure pop goodness. i was a bit disappointed to have missed their show earlier this month (opening for broken social scene/kevin drew), so i am finally getting this cd to compensate. very sweet and danceable songs. i can play this on repeat without getting tired of it, and it'll put me in the best of moods.

mono - gone
japanese post-rock. for various reasons, i missed their shows whenever they've played here. so again, i am getting this to compensate. this is a collection of tracks from their ep's. this music is perfect for winter, i find.


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inevitable: the top-ten list

allow me to jump on the bandwagon. for the first time, i will make some kind of year-end list. inspired by my cousin's list, i shall list my favourite songs of 2007.

most of these don't have official videos. and these are youtube links, because it's easy. sorry for the shitty quality...

in alphabetical order:

beirut - nantes
this was filmed while the band played on the streets. very spontaneous. it sounds amazing for a live performance.

bright eyes - four winds
i am not much into the folk/alt country stuff. i admit, i like this song only because it is bright eyes (conor oberst).

explosions in the sky - the birth and the death of day
i was slightly disappointed with the new album. still, this is a strong opening track. no official video, so a live performance will do.

gogol bordello - wonderlust king
a fun song, that is all.

matthew good - born losers
no official video. there was some kind of contest. this is the winning entry. notice when she does her coke lines on matthew good's book, at 1:25. eargasm at 3:44.

nine inch nails - survivalism
yes, i still like nin, despite him not releasing anything as epic as 'the downward spiral' or 'the fragile'. avert your eyes, this is the official (non-censored) video. (seriously, why the censure? this video is not that scandalous...)

patrick wolf - accident & emergency
eye candy. eye candy. eye candy.

stars - take me to the riot
it's a sweet song.

ted leo - a bottle of buckie
no official video; this is a solo live performance, which is probably better. a great song. but the audio track on this skips...

the weakerthans - tournament of hearts
album version of the song. just listen to this while staring at some album art.



recordnerd gone?

what...? my cd list on recordnerd seems to have disappeared. damn. just a few months ago, i had spent time re-entering all the titles in my collection. it looks like i may have to do it all over again. (a boring project to do during this winter vacation.)

this time, rather than rely on some other online service, i'll just post my list in a blog entry. sure, my list will not be in the form of a sexy table, but at least, it won't disappear anymore, i hope.



stars @ le national

i went to the show last night with roxanne. while waiting for the show to start, we met a couple of high school girls; one of them is ten years younger than me. looking around, i realized that we were surrounded by fifteen-year-olds. it was the first time i felt so old at a show...!

pony up were the openers. typical indie pop-rock. nothing too special; it was an alright performance.

stars were next. they had a nicely decorated set: some framed drawings, and lots of flowers that they occasionally threw into the audience. the band themselves were well dressed; amy millan wore some bitchin' four-inch heels, and managed to rock out gracefully.

the music was good, not straying far from their sound on disc. they played all my favourite songs, namely "what i'm trying to say" and "take me to the riot", as well as "personal". on a particular song that i do not like as much, "the ghost of genova heights", they kept things interesting by turning off the lights, and torquil campbell emerged wearing a jacket full of lights; pretty.

roxanne got a copy of the setlist:
- take me to the riot
- set yourself on fire
- elevator love letter
- the ghost of genova heights
- bitches in tokyo
- one more night
- personal
- look up
- midnight coward
- window bird
- soft revolution
- sleep tonight
- reunion
- your ex-lover is dead
- ageless beauty
- in our bedroom after the war

- the night starts here
- my favourite book
- what i'm trying to say
- calendar girl
- on peak hill


cd purchases: i got the stars cds that i was missing: "nightsongs" and "do you trust your friends?". i also got a memphis cd "a little place in the wilderness".


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