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explosions in the sky

two new album releases today = visit to hmv megastore. i made an effort not to listen to any of the leaks online.

first, calla's "strength in numbers". but at $27, forget it. i can either order it online for cheaper, or wait to get it at their show, in april.

instead, i got the other new release, explosions in the sky's "all of a sudden i miss everyone". what a sad album title. and what a sad (but pretty) album cover: a loner drifting over the dark seas, with nothing but an oil lamp.

i am listening to it now, for the first time, at full volume. it's a lot of what i expect: guitars, bass, drums; quiet and loud; not exceptional, but comforting. file under 'music to study to', along with all the other explosions albums.

the opening track "the birth and death of the day" is the standout of this album. i love the beginning, with the ringing guitars, very dramatic.

i cannot wait to get my ears blasted at the show in march.


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blood brothers

i also ordered an old blood brothers release "rumors laid waste". it appears to be a compilation of old releases, early split singles, and the like.

i've only listened to it once. i must admit that i am disappointed. it kind of sounds like typical screamo, wannabe-hardcore, punk shit. eh, i guess i am being harsh, and should listen to this a few more times before i make up my mind. at least, it shows how much their sound has changed, and for the better. perhaps i should listen to this cd, in chronological order with their other releases, and it will make more sense?

they are playing montreal at the end of march. i would very much like to go see them live. but for some reason, i am a little afraid to go to that show alone...


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i recently chatted online with a guy i met at the mogwai show. it turns out he is also going to the explosions in the sky show in march. he suggested that i check out mono, a japanese band i had only heard about. he sent me a link to their myspace, such that i could check out their track "moonlight".

well, that track got me hooked. it is so beautiful, the way it slowly builds up in layers. it got me all into a post-rock kind of mood again, making me listen to all my mogwai cd's back-to-back.

i immediately ordered mono's latest release "you are there", even though i've not heard the rest of the album. the track "moonlight" alone is worth the entire disc.

i finally got it in the mail a couple of days ago. i've been listening to it. the rest of the album is the typical post-rock stuff that i love. still, the closing track "moonlight" is definitely the highlight.

i've found out that they will be playing here in april; and the good news is, it doesn't interfere with my final exams. i will probably end up going, assuming nothing unexpected comes up.


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