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i saw the movie "inception" when it was released in the cinemas, about a year ago. i really enjoyed it. the plot was novel and the special effect were well done; i was so focused on the visuals of the movie that i didn't pay much attention to the music.

until a couple of weeks ago, when i came across this time-lapse video, and i realized how beautiful this piece of music is. [aside: the video is wonderfully shot and edited. i liked spotting out scenes from my hometown.]

hmv megastore are having a back-to-school sale. i found the "inception" soundtrack for $10.

my favourite track is the closer.

hans zimmer - time


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french covers

a while ago, i saw this new release at hmv megastore, "tels alain bashung", a compilation of cover songs. i wasn't at all familiar with the late artist's material, but from the track listing, i recognized a few names from la nouvelle scène française, such as gaëtan roussel, m, keren ann, vanessa paradis, bb brunes. after listening a few tracks, i liked the compilation enough to get it.

i got a chance to check out the original versions of the songs as well. and i must admit, bashung's songs sound a little, um, "dated" to me. i much prefer these modern reworkings. keren ann's is probably my favourite.

keren ann - je fume pour oublier que tu bois

compare with the original.

the québec edition includes two additional tracks, by yann perreau and ariane moffatt. their versions are kind of disappointing.

while at the store, i dug through their bargain bin. and i found nouvelle vague's "3" for $6. nice!


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is this hyperreal?

after breaking up 10 years ago, atari teenage riot have re-"activated" and released a new album this year, titled "is this hyperreal?". they gave such an amazing performance last fall, proving they've still got it; of course i had to get this new release.

10 years, and not much has changed, they've still got the signature atr sound, the usual lyrics about and "revolution" and "government", etc.

my favourite track is "codebreaker", probably because it sounds so much like stuff from their previous album "60 second wipe out".

atari teenage riot - codebreaker


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the suburbs

arcade fire's "the suburbs" was re-released earlier this month, to coincide with the one-year anniversary of the album. it includes two additional tracks, and the short film "scenes from the suburbs" by spike jonze.

this must be a great album, since it won a grammy, beating out some more popular nominees... but to be honest, i feel kind of underwhelmed by it. maybe because of all the hype. still, i decided to finally get this album, just to complete my arcade fire discography.

and also because i plan to see them play at popmontreal this year. they're giving a free (outdoors?) show on the second night, as well as playing the metropolis on the first night. from what i heard, the tickets for the metropolis show were sold out in about 4 minutes, despite their efforts to counter scalpers. good thing i was online by 11:59am last friday, refreshing ticketmaster like crazy; i managed to buy a pair of tickets. yay.


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dm remixes 2

depeche mode released their latest compilation, with mostly remixes of new songs, and new remixes of old songs. i got the three-disc edition:

one track in particular stands out to me: the sixtoes remix of "peace", with the addition of stringed instruments, making it a non-electro song. interesting...

depeche mode - peace (sixtoes remix)

i found out that they have done other remixes too.

i also like what trentemøller did with "wrong".

depeche mode - wrong (trentemøller club remix)


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animals as leader

i passed by hmv megastore a couple of weeks ago, and i fell into the endcap trap. i saw animals as leaders' self-titled album, and i remembered this band when they opened for underoath back in february. i had liked their set, but couldn't find their merch table after the show.

i decided to make an impulse purchase at the store:

the music is kind of proggy, kind of mathy. definitely shows skills.


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