a log of cd's purchased + shows attended + other stuff.

after two years, i got my m.eng degree today.

i got the best graduation gift from my parents.

it's a montblanc fountain pen!!!

oh wow, i can't believe i got such a beautiful gift...!



oberst, cash

saturday, one week ago, i went shopping by myself. i somehow ended up in hmv. and i got a couple of cd's.

first, conor oberst & the mystic valley band's "outer south". i am a fangirl, so i got this without hearing it first. i think this is the first time i hear songs on a conor oberst release where he doesn't sing.

i decided to get another country cd, johnny cash's "american iv: the man comes around". i had been meaning to get this for a while, just for his haunting cover of "hurt".


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mogwai @ metropolis

sunday, two weeks ago, i went to the mogwai show with rox. we had bought tickets for the show that was originally scheduled in september, but postponed until now. of course, this was mogwai (!) so there was no way i would miss this.

the openers were the twilight sad. previously, i had only heard their "here, it never snowed, afterwards it did" ep, a folk-ish release. the live show was more rock. of all the times i have seen mogwai, this is the first time i have liked the opening band. the songs were catchy; the songer's scottish accent was quite strong, rolling his r's. the only songs i recognized were "and she would darken the memory" and "cold days from the birdhouse".

the twilight sad:

this was my fourth time seeing mogwai, so i kind of knew what to expect: a good mix of the loud, the soft, and the epic. it was my first time watching them from a seat on the balcony; we had a pretty good view of the whole stage.

setlist taken from bright light:
- yes! i am a long way from home
- scotland's shame
- travel is dangerous
- killing all the flies
- i love you, i'm going to blow up your school
- autorock
- i'm jim morrison, i'm dead
- small children in the background
- hunted by a freak
- mogwai fear satan
- thank you space expert
- 2 rights make 1 wrong

- like herod
- batcat

no, they did not play my absolute favourite "christmas steps". but they did play"2 rights make 1 wrong", and i captured a video:

also, they did not play the epic "my father my king" as an encore. but that's alright, because they ended with "like herod", followed by the very loud "batcat". again, a video:

mogwai doesn't disappoint; i was quite giddy that night.


cd purchase: i got the twilight sad's ep "here, it never snowed, afterwards it did".

hearing damage: my ears were ringing the rest of the night; that was expected.


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mono, the thermals

on saturday of last week, after having lunch with dad, i walked around downtown, shopping for a mother's day gift; i ended up getting a box of the white bark chocolate from laura secord that mom loves to much.

i saw that cheap thrills finally got the new mono album "hymn to the immortal wind" in stock. i admit, i've already listened to the leak before. again, it's pretty much the same type of epic post-rock expected of mono, except they've included an orchestra on this album.

i also saw that hmv megastore got the new album "now we can see" by the thermals in stock. more indie rock with punk-ish influences.


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depeche mode

the new depeche mode album "sounds of the universe" was released almost two weeks ago. i had gone to the store to get it that day, but for some reason, i had completely forgotten to blog about it...

the store was selling the deluxe box set for $85. but i settled for the cd+dvd version, at only $20.

there is nothing new on this album, still the same dark-ish electro-pop depeche mode are known for.


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