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placebo, gallows

a little while ago, i found out that placebo's former label will release a compilation of their b-sides. i was reminded that they've also released a compilation of cover songs, which i don't have. so i made an impulse decision to get it.

i found it at hmv.

they were selling it at 2/$30. so i needed to find another item to pair it with. i browsed around and saw gallows' releases. i first heard about the band back when their debut "orchestra of wolves" was released, with positive reviews. although i don't remember what that album sounded like, i do remember liking it. but at the store, it was their sophomore release "grey britain" that was part of the 2/$30 deal. i listened to a few songs, and liked it enough to get it.

i've been listening to this non-stop for the past week or so. in a way, it's the kind of standard punk rock stuff that i like. but what i love about this album are the orchestral parts on the mid-album track "death voices" and on the closing "crucifucks".

gallows - death voices

gallows - crucifucks

those parts are so hauntingly delicate, they contrast with the general aggressiveness of the album.


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yann tiersen @ metropolis

i had not planned on seeing the yann tiersen show that was part of the high lights festival, but i realized that it was during my midterm break, and i needed something fun to do. the show was on monday, two weeks ago.

the opening act was breathe owl breathe, a quirky indie band. half the set felt like a story-telling period, with the singer acting out the lyrics of the songs. it was alright.

yann tiersen's set was nice. a quiet evening for me.

when tiersen started speaking english in between songs, the crowd reacted by yelling "en français! on est au québec!". of course.

he and his band played all the songs from the most recent "dust lane", including the title track, which is my favourite on that release. i'm glad someone posted a video online:
(the audio quality is not too bad.)

when he played "sur le fil" on solo violin, it was the highlight of the show, for me. that song is pretty amazing in a live setting.

setlist (as posted on stage):
count down
dust lane
dark stuff
till the end
the wire
the train
chapter 19
fuck me

best of times (the trial)
le quartier

it doesn't seem complete, since "sur le fil" doesn't appear. or did they translate it as "the wire" on their setlist? seems strange...

the end of the show was perfect, with a re-worked version of "la valse d'amélie poulain". i left feeling all happy inside.


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