a log of cd's purchased + shows attended + other stuff.

i ordered these just a couple of days ago, and they arrived in the mail today. so glad with the quick service (i was not expecting the delivery until january).

explosions in the sky - how strange, innocence
the re-release of their debut album. in the liner notes, they said they were "embarrassed" about this album, and at one point, wanted to buy all the existing copies (300 cd-r copie) and burn them. well, i'm glad they didn't, and instead decided to re-release it because the album is great. i am on my first listen right now, and i already love it.

sigur rós - ágætis byrjun
sigur rós - ( )
sigur rós - takk...
their videos are beautiful, but for some reason, i was never able to sit through one of them. maybe it's all the slo-mo testing my patience. i've only heard a couple of songs from each of these albums, and liked them. now, i'll have a chance to listen to the complete albums.


i was definitely in some kind of post-rock mood when i ordered those.


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day after boxing day

so i missed boxing day shopping yesterday. instead, we went shopping with the cousins today.

at the hmv megastore, stanley got two dvd's:
- fight club
- office space

at futureshop, i got broken social scene's most recent self-titled. i haven't heard the entire album yet, but i am expecting it to sound like their previous releases.

edit: i just listened to the entire album. what a disappointment. it sounds like a bunch of musicians got together, decided to play around in the studio, then recorded the output and released it as an album. the songs sound improvised and unfinished. it seems as if bss thought they were good enough that they could release just anything, and people will buy it. well, i certainly got suckered into it. perhaps if i listened to the album some more, i'll like it?


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winter vacation

last week was the release of ryan adams' third album of the year, "29".

after several listens in a row, i find myself liking it a lot, despite some bad reviews i've seen. the songs are soft and nice, the perfect soundtrack to a summer evening spent alone in the outdoors. i love the singer's voice, even though it sounds over-emotional at times.


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boxing day

boxing day today. it's too bad i have to work and miss out on all the shopping.

bah, boxing day is about consumerism anyway, getting us to buy a load of crap we don't really need...