a log of cd's purchased + shows attended + other stuff.
holy shroud

last night, i heard a holy shroud song on the radio. and i really liked it. now i'm kicking myself for not buying the cd at the north of america show a month ago. i wonder where i can find that cd now? i don't feel like getting ripped off by hmv.




finally, the first weekend in a while where i don't have some test/midterm to study for. also, one extra hour due to daylight savings time. yay!

so, today, i went to fairview to get some music. i need some consolation for the bad grades i've gotten so far...

first, hmv:

death cab for cutie - something about airplanes
death cab for cutie - we have the facts and we're voting yes
yes, a double dose of emo/indie. i couldn't go to their show a couple of weeks ago, so i'll listen to the albums instead.

next, musicworld:

death from above 1979 - romance bloody romance
an album of remixes and b-sides. of course, i had to get it.

wolf parade - apologies to the queen mary
the next big act from montreal. starting to get overhyped, it seems. still, i like the songs here.


a review of today's purchases: dcfc, dfa1979, wolf parade... damn, i feel like such a music trend whore.


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nahpi, dfa1979

yesterday, i had a half hour to kill after school. instead of doing something productive (like studying for an upcoming test), i went to hmv.

north american halloween prevention initiative - do they know it's hallowe'en?
a parody of the band aid hit from the 80's. features a bunch of indie stars. it's fun.

death from above 1979 - heads up!
an old ep of theirs.


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post-punk, remixed

after school, i went by esoterik, looking for the new/old explosions in the sky cd. they didn't have it. "we should get it next week," the guy said. of course, i rarely walk out of that store without seeing something i like. this time, i got:

gang of four - return the gift
so many of today's bands were inspired by gang of four, so i decided to get this cd. from reading online reviews, i've just found out that this album is a re-recording of their greatest hits, done with the original line-up. i got the 'limited edition', which includes an extra disc of remixes.

bloc party - silent alarm remixed
i had liked the original album. catchy songs. when i saw this cd in the used section, at a reduced price, i thought, eh, why not get this as well?


it appears that the theme for today is: post-punk!

and i am such a sucker for remixes.


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ryan adams, atari teenage riot

purchased this week:

ryan adams - gold
at the store, i was actually looking for the new cd, his second release of the year, "jacksonville city nights". but i couldn't find it; i guess the store did not have it in stock. so instead, i got one of his older albums, from 2001, "gold". the album is kind of country, which is a genre i usually don't listen to. still, i like the songs here, and some fit well with the fall season.

atari teenage riot - burn, berlin, burn!
a second-hand dvd/cd store opened recently, so i went to check it out. they've got a large collection, but mostly mainstream or classic rock stuff, not what i'm interested in. i am sure that if i spent the time to go through all the rows, i would find some things i like. but i was in a hurry, so all i did was briefly browse through a couple of stacks. to my delight, i managed to find a copy of atari teenage riot "burn, berlin, burn!". it has been so long since i last listened to any atr, i had forgotten how much i used to like this type of stuff. digital hardcore! now i need to find more music like this...


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ted leo/pharmacists @ la sala rossa

another one of those shows at la sala where people smoke too much, wearing tight shirts, tight jeans, and converse shoes. this one was part of the popmontreal festival.

first openers were geronimo. typical band where the guy tries to scream louder than the guitars. i couldn't really get into the music.

up next were north of america. damn, these guys were *loud*. (my ears... i went half-deaf during this set.) again, another band where the guys took turns trying to yell over the guitars. except that i enjoyed this one.

finally, ted leo & the pharmacists, the band i was there to see. i am so glad i went to this; it was much fun. even though i didn't know all the songs, i still danced (kind of) throughout most of the set. ted leo had some funny stage banter, and good interaction with the crowd. and they played some of my favourite songs, "where have all the rude boys gone?", "me and mia", and "the high party". i haven't seen many shows this year, but this was easily one of the best i've been to.

on my way out, i only saw north of america's merch table. i got a cd "brothers, sisters". i haven't had a chance to listen to it yet, my ears are still ringing from last night.


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