a log of cd's purchased + shows attended + other stuff.
final fantasy, rachel's

today was my first time going to cheap thrills, even though the store is located right next to school campus. i went to buy tickets for the upcoming final fantasy show.

i also bought the final fantasy album "has a good home". i listened to it on my way home. it's nice music, mostly violins.

on my way to lunch, i passed in front of c'dément and could not resist going in. i found "selenography" by rachel's and had to buy it. it's beautiful sounds, calming, good for studying to.


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today was the (north american) release date of placebo's fifth studio album. i had already heard a leak on the internet, and i liked it enough to go buy it after school today.

it seems like every time i lose interest in placebo and forget about them, they release a new album, reminding me of how much i love them.

the new album "meds" has no surprises. it's typical placebo: high-pitched nasal vocals, straighforward guitar rock alternating with soft ballads, lyrical references to sex and drugs... i love it on first listen, and this will probably play on my walkman all week.

i hope they tour and come to montreal.

some other purchases made today:

mogwai - rock action
i've been wanting this album for a while, just for the song "2 rights make 1 wrong". i saw it today at the store. i got the japanese import, which includes two bonus tracks. and it was on special too. here i am, slowing trying to buy the complete mogwai discography, minus the singles.

we are scientists - with love and squalor
i got this because i liked the two songs i heard. the rest of the album is alright. this is typical indie/hipster rock from new york. it's a fun album, but a bit forgettable, compared to similar bands out there.


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my favourite mogwai tracks are "x-mas steps" and "my father my king", the ones that are loud. i like loud mogwai, which explains why i was disappointed with their previous studio release; it sounded weak to me. when i heard that they were releasing a new recording this year, i did not care much for it, thinking it'll be another soft album.

a couple of months ago, i heard an internet leak of "mr. beast", and i was immediately excited! they rock hard on this one! the new tracks have loud guitars and lots of drama! the sound is thick and heavy! just the way i like it.

the album was released in north america today. of course, after school, i went straight to hmv to get a copy. i even got the "special limited edition" that includes a dvd with "the recording of".

the opening track sounds like an ending, a denouement, where all is explained and understood, and "thank you very much for listening, you can go home now". i find it odd that the album starts this way, but it kind of works.

the rest of the songs are good. after just a couple of listens, not one in particular stands out to me. not yet.

the closing track is killer. the song builds up, with wave after wave of guitars. it reminds me a lot their epic "my father my king". in fact, it's like a lean version of "my father my king", without the two minutes of quiet build-up, nor the extra ten minutes of noise and distortion.

i love this album so much. it will definitely be one of my favourites of this year. i know that it will not leave my cd player this week.

oh, i cannot wait for them to tour, and i hope they come to montreal so that i can get my eardrums damaged for one evening...!


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impulse online purchase

the cd's i ordered a while ago arrived in the mail on friday. i've been listening to them all weekend.

blood brothers - burn piano island burn
the first time i heard about this band was when i saw their video for "ambulance vs. ambulance", and it immediately caught my attention. despite the slightly annoying dual skrieking vocals, the music intrigued me. i love how they yell through most of their songs, but include a few lines of actual singing. on "ambulance vs. ambulance", the singing is accompanied by a few notes on the glockenspiel, and those six seconds make up my favourite moment of the entire album.

calla - calla
i had only heard their two most recent albums, and i love them. and so, i got their self-titled debut, curious to hear what they sounded like before. it's not what i expected. the sound is more subdued, more quiet, without the richness i love so much on their recent material. i don't dislike this album; i just feel a little underwhelmed.

rachel's - music for egon schiele
i thank roxanne for including a track of theirs on a mix cd she gave me; that's how i first heard of them. this album is completely instrumental. it was composed as a soundtrack to a live theater/dance production. all the pieces are played with piano and stringed instruments only. the music is pensive, kind of sad and tragic at times, and goes through different moods. i love it.


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