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beware of safety + caspian

so it's been a while (more than a month!) since i bought new music...

my order from the mylene sheath came by mail yesterday:

the cd's are:
beware of safety - dogs
caspian - tertia

extra goodies included are:
caspian sticker and pin
the mylene zine issue 1

a post-rock package that is perfect for this beginning of fall.

i had heard about beware of safety as "the supposed common" was the one track that stood out for me on the mylene sheath sampler i got with my gifts from enola purchase. i checked out the rest of their album, free to download/stream from gimmesound.

then, when i heard about caspian's new release this fall, i ordered both from the label's website. the new caspian is also free to download on gimmesound.

[plug: please do download some music from gimmesound, as it supports the artists and a charity of their choice.]

at first listen, i was not too impressed with the new caspian, since i was expecting something more epic (like their older material) and they seemed to have gone for the 'subdued' route on this one. in comparison, the beware of safety seemed more 'dynamic', with the alternating loud/soft sounds.

now, with multiple listens of "tertia", i am discovering new subtleties each time. i love it!


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