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romance is boring

today was the north american release date for the new los campesinos! album "romance is boring". i resisted listening to any of the leaks online. i love this band blindly; i would buy anything they release. so i went to hmv after having lunch with my friend.

the cover art is boring, but this music is so much fun to listen to.


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i've been listening to some electro lately. today, i got tiësto's recent release "kaleidoscope".

i love that the collaborators on this release are not usually associated with the electro genre, which makes the resultant tracks interesting.

one of my favourites is the opening title track , featuring jónsi of sigur rós:

i also like "feel it in my bones", featuring tegan & sara:


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i had only heard about vampire weekend from the many mentions on pitchfork. but i had not checked out their music, until rox wrote about their song "horcata". and yeah, it's a damn catchy song.

their album "contra" was released this week. i got it after school today. it came with a bonus "contra megamelt" cd.

i'm not sure how to describe this album. for some reason, it makes me think of a lazy day at the beach. which is what i need now, in this cold and grey winter season.


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first cd purchase of the year!

yesterday, the new final fantasy/owen pallett album "heartland" was released. i got it on my way back home.

i love the simplicity of the front and back covers.

unfortunately, i haven't had the chance to listen to this too much. been too busy with school work (i.e., i procrastinated all week, and now i need to prepare for my meeting with my advisor tomorrow).


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cd storage

i've had overflow for a while, so i finally got additional storage for my cd's.

i bought the red unit from my brother's co-worker. it's in really good condition, like new. this should last me for a while...