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the burg

online tv.

i've been watching episodes of the burg, mocking hipster culture. funny stuff!



david ford

listening to the singer-songwriter cd's i just got, it reminds me of another guy called david ford who does a similar thing. a nice discovery, after hearing "state of the union" on a sampler.

in that song, he sounds so whiny, with clever lyrics, social commentary; it reminds me of conor oberst at his most political, but with a brit accent. watch the one-take video for "state of the union". watch as he plays an array of instruments into a loop, basically building a full song by himself. pretty impressive.



dumas, damien rice

the semester ends; panic. sleepness nights, worrying and working on a term project. today, all schoolwork is done and handed in. exhaustion. relief.

i think i've been feeling stressed lately, without realizing it. i've been skipping meals. i've felt like crying from reading newspaper articles. with this sudden feeling of relief, i had to go shopping after school.

... and so i got music to cry to.

first surprise: dumas has a new album out. i've not listened to any radio; i did not know that he had new material out. i sampled a few tracks of "fixer le temps" at the listening booth, and liked it enough. it's singer-songwriter stuff, kind of sad, yet kind of upbeat too.

second surprise: i am in love with damien rice's new album, "9". i saw it released a few weeks ago, but only heard the songs today at the listening booth. after hearing the first couple of tracks, i knew i had to get this disc. the first track "9 crimes" alone is worth getting the entire album. it's one of those simple/beautiful songs. starts off with light piano, calm, vocals full of emotion, then cello is added, the song builds up to something dramatic. or maybe this song is just affecting me so, at this time, given my current state of mind. anyway, listen to the song and watch the somewhat creepy video at his website. (for some reason, i was expecting her to become a real person. but the ending of the video turned out to be more tragic.)


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