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french covers

a while ago, i saw this new release at hmv megastore, "tels alain bashung", a compilation of cover songs. i wasn't at all familiar with the late artist's material, but from the track listing, i recognized a few names from la nouvelle scène française, such as gaëtan roussel, m, keren ann, vanessa paradis, bb brunes. after listening a few tracks, i liked the compilation enough to get it.

i got a chance to check out the original versions of the songs as well. and i must admit, bashung's songs sound a little, um, "dated" to me. i much prefer these modern reworkings. keren ann's is probably my favourite.

keren ann - je fume pour oublier que tu bois

compare with the original.

the québec edition includes two additional tracks, by yann perreau and ariane moffatt. their versions are kind of disappointing.

while at the store, i dug through their bargain bin. and i found nouvelle vague's "3" for $6. nice!


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