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ladytron @ metropolis

i went to the show last night with concert buddy roxanne. in the line-up, we met a girl who appeared to be a über-fan. we ended up hanging out with her during the rest of the show. since this was my first show since june, i intended to have some fun, perhaps even "dance" a little. luckily, both bands were very dance-able.

the openers were css, a brazilian chick band with one guy. their singer seemed to be having a lot of fun, waving her arms around, shaking her head, flicking her hair all over the place. dressed in an oversized sweater, funky leggings, old school sneakers, she busted out some cheezy dance moves, which made her look like an extra in some bad early 90's aerobics video...

next, ladytron took the stage. contrary to what i thought, they are not robots, and actually do move around on stage, a little. i must admit that i don't know their songs, i was there just to check them out. but i ended up really enjoying their set, even dancing along clumsily ungracefully. i liked that the two singers have such different vocal styles, which influenced the way their songs sounded. there were some really dance-able tunes, others were borderline industrial. very cool. i've become a new fan.

after the show, we followed/stalked them to the afterparty, some dj set a block away, at the s.a.t. we got autographs and pics taken with some band members. i felt like such a fangirl/dork. very uncool.

overall, i had a great time.


cd purchases: the css self-titled album was sold out after the show, so i got the ep "css suxxx" instead. i also got the ladytron album discography, "604", "light & magic", "witching hour".

hearing damage: moderate. my ears felt stuffed, even when i awoke this morning. but my hearing has gone back to normal throughout the day. i still wonder if i should start wearing earplugs to shows; i should start caring about my hearing.


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