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ted leo/pharmacists @ la sala rossa

another one of those shows at la sala where people smoke too much, wearing tight shirts, tight jeans, and converse shoes. this one was part of the popmontreal festival.

first openers were geronimo. typical band where the guy tries to scream louder than the guitars. i couldn't really get into the music.

up next were north of america. damn, these guys were *loud*. (my ears... i went half-deaf during this set.) again, another band where the guys took turns trying to yell over the guitars. except that i enjoyed this one.

finally, ted leo & the pharmacists, the band i was there to see. i am so glad i went to this; it was much fun. even though i didn't know all the songs, i still danced (kind of) throughout most of the set. ted leo had some funny stage banter, and good interaction with the crowd. and they played some of my favourite songs, "where have all the rude boys gone?", "me and mia", and "the high party". i haven't seen many shows this year, but this was easily one of the best i've been to.

on my way out, i only saw north of america's merch table. i got a cd "brothers, sisters". i haven't had a chance to listen to it yet, my ears are still ringing from last night.


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