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regina spektor @ le national

it is that time of the year: popmontreal festival. i only went to one show, and it was tonight.

only son was the opener. a simple set, just the guy and his acoustic guitar. typical indie pop-rock. at the end of his set, he remembered to plug his myspace page. it was funny.

finally, after some waiting around, regina spektor came on stage. she wore such a cute outfit: a sparkly starfish hair barrette to clip her curls, a silver sequined bolero over a black tanktop, a red skirt, and killer red boots with kitten heels.

her first song was just vocals.

the first part of her set was solo. she mostly played on the keyboards.

for one song, she played guitar.

later on, she had a band to back her up.

since i do not know her entire catalogue, i only recognised some songs, such as "poor little rich boy" (where she did the percussions herself by hitting a chair with a stick), "carbon monoxide", "sailor song", "your honor", "the ghost of corporate future", "samson", "après moi", "that time", "edit". and of course, she played her most recent hit "fidelity", which is one of my favourite songs. she played my other favourite song "us" during the encore.

she finished her set with an upbeat track, with her band. too bad i don't know what song it was.

i really enjoyed this show. it was my first time at that venue, and the place is lovely. i loved how intimate the show felt, because it was so quiet. and the way she sings is so quirky and beautiful.


cd purchases: i got regina spektor's "songs", which is a collection of her early work. i also got her most recent, the limited edition of "begin to hope", that comes with an extra disc, yay!

hearing damage: absolutely none.


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that "sexy" top she wore...i think it's the one she wore in her "samson" video...u can visit my blog to check out the video~
yeah she's awesome too