a log of cd's purchased + shows attended + other stuff.
the hawk is howling

tonight would have been the mogwai show. but it has been postponed due to an illness in the band (their drummer having a problem with his pacemaker, ouch!).

i got their newest album, released today. it is the limited edition that includes a dvd.

after a day of school, i am feeling too sleepy right now to listen to this. but to be honest, i don't care what it sounds like; if it is a mogwai release, i will like it.

i also picked up a copy of the popmontreal program. it even comes with a sampler cd.

i am missing most of this. but it doesn't really matter. i have been so out of touch, i have no idea who these bands are.


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i recognize 3: the dears, nick cave and ratatat. pretty good for someone who isn't an indie lover! :p

alright, there are a few bands that i've heard of. this would have been a good chance to check them out. some of the acts i would have liked to see are:
oct 1st: you say party! we say die! (only for their silly name)
oct 2nd: nick cave (early-ish show), the lovely feathers (late show)
oct 3rd: ratatat

but all of those are on the nights when i won't be around... if i am to think positive, then i guess i am saving money by missing out on all those shows.