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jaguar love + more

since i am a fan of the blood brothers and of pretty girls make graves (both disbanded), i had to check out jaguar love. their 3-song self-titled ep was quite good. today, i got the album "take me to the sea".

this is pretty much what i expected: johnny whitney's distinctive (high) vocals, with catchy almost dance-able songs.

highlight tracks: highway of gold / bats over the pacific ocean

(by the way, i am still disappointed that i never got to see the blood brothers live, even with all those times they played in montreal...)

i had gone to hmv just for the jaguar love album. i ended up getting other stuff too...

although i have not seen the film, i have been wanting the soundtrack for "the fountain" for some time. the music is by clint mansell, performed by the kronos quartet and mogwai. is that not the perfect combination for beautiful sounds? this is what i listen to when i am trying to concentrate on my studies, or when i simply want to relax.

and finally, an impulse buy: i grabbed a copy of tokyo police club's "elephant shell", from the display next to the cash registers. i had heard some songs, nothing too impressive. but this was a limited edition including a disc of remixes, and i've always been a sucker for things like that. besides, it was cheap, just a few dollars.


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I checked out the links to jaguar love. I have never heard Whitney's high vocals - wow. Pretty good stuff.

Mogwai rocks too. I need to check out clint mansell and kronos quartet.