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los campesinos! + pavement + others

los campesinos! released their second album of the year a few weeks ago. i couldn't find it at the store, so i ordered it online. i also ordered the pavement deluxe reissue, released earlier this month.

los campesinos! - we are beautiful, we are doomed
whereas their previous album sounded like a bunch of kids trying to have some fun, this new album sounds a bit more serious (mature?). yet the songs are slightly more chaotic. i still enjoy the half-shouted vocals with a hint of urgency.

pavement - brighten the corners: nicene creedence edition
this is the album that contains the pavement songs i have actually heard on the radio, such as "stereo" and "shady lane".

since i needed to order for $39 to get free shipping, i had to add another item, but i couldn't decide which, so i picked three more titles to knock off my wishlist.

matt & kim - s/t
a musical duo making pop songs. fun and energetic. perfect for getting anyone out of a bad mood.

voxtrot - your biggest fan [ep]
one of their early ep's, containing only three songs. short and sweet.

[there is another cd with my order, but that will arrive in a future shipment.]


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