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nouvelle vague

last saturday (august 1st), i met up with k, the only high school friend i've kept in touch with with. still, i had not heard from her for two years, since she's left for toronto for her studies.

we had some dinner, then walked around for a bit. the francofolies were taking place, so we checked that out. we stayed for a performance by a band called french kiss. interesting, with the electronic harp, and the improv piece they did.

in the marketplace area, i had to check out the music booth (archambault). i tried to resist buying, but in the end, i got the nouvelle vague self-titled debut album. i really like what they do, covering new wave songs in a jazz style.

my favourite track on this album is "guns of brixton", originally recorded by the clash. i already love the original so much.


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oh yeah, Nouvelle Vague is pretty good. I had listened to a couple of their cds a while ago...very chill :)