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from fathoms

every time i think i'm "over" post-rock, i end up hearing something so epic or beautiful, that it gets me back into that post-rock mood again. that's what happened when i heard a leak of the new gifts from enola album "from fathoms". i immediately feel in love with track 2, "weightless frame", a piece that includes some electronic sounds (which makes me think of 65daysofstatic).

gifts from enola - weightless frame

after a few listens, i found myself really enjoying the whole album. so i ordered it online, directly from the label, the mylene sheath. they did a really good job with the packaging, making me wish i had a record player, so that i could buy that colourful vinyl. but no, i just got the cd version, in a nice oversized rectangular cardboard packaging.

this was my first time ordering from the mylene sheath, and will probably not be the last. their prices are good, even including the shipping. and they marked this package as a "gift", so i didn't have to pay any customs fees.

they included a sampler with my order, and i am liking a few of the tracks on that. i'll check out a few of their other releases, and find out what else interests me.


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