a log of cd's purchased + shows attended + other stuff.

on tuesday of last week, i had lunch with cousin e. at one point, it started to hail; very unusual weather for june. surprisingly, after our meal, the weather became beautiful again, so we ended up walking aorund downtown. we visited hmv megastore since it was new release day.

i wanted to get the reissue of the cure's "disintegration". when we got to the store, i found out about a reissue of refused's "the shape of punk to come".

ah, the memories, with that refused release. back in cegep, i watched "the wedge" on muchmusic every week. for some reason, they played the "new noise" video every week or so, to the point that i got sick of it.

listening to the album now, more than a decade after its original release, it still sounds amazing. it's not a typical punk/hardcore album; the sounds are varied, unpredictable, with little surprises here and there. and the songs flow so well. definitely an album to be listened to as a whole.


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