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we were exploding anyway

a few weeks ago, i found out from a series of mp3 blogs that 65daysofstatic have new material this year. i didn't even bother downloading the mutliple leaks, since i knew i'd be getting it.

two weeks ago, when randomly browsing stuff on the internet, i found out from the band's blog that the first pressing is a deluxe edition. according to the blog: "hard cover, booklet full of extra artwork, won’t get reprinted once it’s gone. there are no extra songs on it. how many albums have their carefully structured flow ruined by badly-placed bonus tracks? loads." haha, i like their humour.

anyway, i'm always a sucker for deluxe editions, so i ordered the album online. the gbp-cad exchange rate is pretty good these days. even including the shipping, it wasn't too expensive.

on friday, the album arrived in the mail:

yeah, the packaging is pretty nice; bound like a hardcover book.

and they are streaming the whole album now:

i really like it. it is one of my favourites of this year, so far.


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