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post-punk, remixed

after school, i went by esoterik, looking for the new/old explosions in the sky cd. they didn't have it. "we should get it next week," the guy said. of course, i rarely walk out of that store without seeing something i like. this time, i got:

gang of four - return the gift
so many of today's bands were inspired by gang of four, so i decided to get this cd. from reading online reviews, i've just found out that this album is a re-recording of their greatest hits, done with the original line-up. i got the 'limited edition', which includes an extra disc of remixes.

bloc party - silent alarm remixed
i had liked the original album. catchy songs. when i saw this cd in the used section, at a reduced price, i thought, eh, why not get this as well?


it appears that the theme for today is: post-punk!

and i am such a sucker for remixes.


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