a log of cd's purchased + shows attended + other stuff.

i ordered these just a couple of days ago, and they arrived in the mail today. so glad with the quick service (i was not expecting the delivery until january).

explosions in the sky - how strange, innocence
the re-release of their debut album. in the liner notes, they said they were "embarrassed" about this album, and at one point, wanted to buy all the existing copies (300 cd-r copie) and burn them. well, i'm glad they didn't, and instead decided to re-release it because the album is great. i am on my first listen right now, and i already love it.

sigur rós - ágætis byrjun
sigur rós - ( )
sigur rós - takk...
their videos are beautiful, but for some reason, i was never able to sit through one of them. maybe it's all the slo-mo testing my patience. i've only heard a couple of songs from each of these albums, and liked them. now, i'll have a chance to listen to the complete albums.


i was definitely in some kind of post-rock mood when i ordered those.


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