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explosions in the sky

two new album releases today = visit to hmv megastore. i made an effort not to listen to any of the leaks online.

first, calla's "strength in numbers". but at $27, forget it. i can either order it online for cheaper, or wait to get it at their show, in april.

instead, i got the other new release, explosions in the sky's "all of a sudden i miss everyone". what a sad album title. and what a sad (but pretty) album cover: a loner drifting over the dark seas, with nothing but an oil lamp.

i am listening to it now, for the first time, at full volume. it's a lot of what i expect: guitars, bass, drums; quiet and loud; not exceptional, but comforting. file under 'music to study to', along with all the other explosions albums.

the opening track "the birth and death of the day" is the standout of this album. i love the beginning, with the ringing guitars, very dramatic.

i cannot wait to get my ears blasted at the show in march.


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I definitely agree that explosions is good study music...though sometimes can be good for other moods. I'm looking forward to the show as well. They completely tire themselves out, it's fun to see :D