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sufjan stevens

this is like a pre-christmas gift for myself. today was the official release of sufjan stevens' "songs for christmas". i am usually not into cheezy christmas carols and such. but this is a box with five ep's and a bunch of other goodies, and so i could not resist. the little bonuses include: lyrics booklet, short animated film, short stories, comic strip, mini-poster (family portrait), stickers.

i love when a cd packaging is more imaginative than a simple jewel case.

i don't know if i can get much into these songs. after all, it is only mid-november, which to me is too early to start talking christmas. there isn't even any snow yet!


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oh don't open it yet, put it under the christmas tree on christmas eve and pretnd santa dropped by for the cookies

too late. i ripped the package open, the moment i arrived at school (i was passing by the cd store on my way to class), to check out all the goodies inside. hehe...

I decided to check out their streaming samples of the cd. Haha...for me, november is not too early for xmas time. I'm quite enjoying this :D.
Less than a month till school ends! Rejoice!