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inevitable: the top-ten list

allow me to jump on the bandwagon. for the first time, i will make some kind of year-end list. inspired by my cousin's list, i shall list my favourite songs of 2007.

most of these don't have official videos. and these are youtube links, because it's easy. sorry for the shitty quality...

in alphabetical order:

beirut - nantes
this was filmed while the band played on the streets. very spontaneous. it sounds amazing for a live performance.

bright eyes - four winds
i am not much into the folk/alt country stuff. i admit, i like this song only because it is bright eyes (conor oberst).

explosions in the sky - the birth and the death of day
i was slightly disappointed with the new album. still, this is a strong opening track. no official video, so a live performance will do.

gogol bordello - wonderlust king
a fun song, that is all.

matthew good - born losers
no official video. there was some kind of contest. this is the winning entry. notice when she does her coke lines on matthew good's book, at 1:25. eargasm at 3:44.

nine inch nails - survivalism
yes, i still like nin, despite him not releasing anything as epic as 'the downward spiral' or 'the fragile'. avert your eyes, this is the official (non-censored) video. (seriously, why the censure? this video is not that scandalous...)

patrick wolf - accident & emergency
eye candy. eye candy. eye candy.

stars - take me to the riot
it's a sweet song.

ted leo - a bottle of buckie
no official video; this is a solo live performance, which is probably better. a great song. but the audio track on this skips...

the weakerthans - tournament of hearts
album version of the song. just listen to this while staring at some album art.




hmmm...i checked out your 10 songs too and it's actually not bad. i was expecting your list to be stuffs that are loud and heavy but i'm surprised at the diversity...:p

hehe, i am not much into the loud and heavy stuff anymore. i guess i've mellowed with age...