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boxing day!

for the past several years, i've worked on boxing day. this year, now that i am unemployed, i've decided to go boxing day shopping by myself, despite the craziness of the crowds. the weather was really nice today, so i mostly wandered from store to store. none of the specials were appealing to me, which is a good thing, since i am trying not to spend money.

still, at hmv, i grabbed a couple of cd's i wanted. at full price, but whatever. it's the end of the year; i should treat myself.

los campesinos! - sticking fingers into sockets
this is one of those pleasant discoveries i've made this year. this ep is pure pop goodness. i was a bit disappointed to have missed their show earlier this month (opening for broken social scene/kevin drew), so i am finally getting this cd to compensate. very sweet and danceable songs. i can play this on repeat without getting tired of it, and it'll put me in the best of moods.

mono - gone
japanese post-rock. for various reasons, i missed their shows whenever they've played here. so again, i am getting this to compensate. this is a collection of tracks from their ep's. this music is perfect for winter, i find.


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