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storming the base

a month ago, i ordered a bunch of cd's from storming the base. i received most of the package back then. today, i finally received the final piece, the rasputina title. this was my first time ordering from them, and i am quite satisfied with how fast the (initial) package arrived.

emilie autumn - opheliac
i first found out about emilie autumn while browsing the 'industrial' section at hmv megastore, and i saw her cd's on the shelf, priced at $91. i was curious to hear what made her albums so special. so i checked out some songs from "opheliac" and i ended up really liking them. she plays the violin, mixing the classical with the industrial. on this album, disc 2 includes a picture gallery, and some video clips on "lessons in being a wayward victorian girl". sure, the whole goth-industrial-victorian act is a little gimmicky, but it does make for some awesome pictures...

the faint - danse macabre remixes
i had really liked the "danse macabre" album. and i usually like listening to remixes, especially of a whole album. it's interesting to hear a different interpretation of the songs. also, i got this because it was on sale.

leandra - metamorphine
another female solo artist, mixing the classical with the gothic, except her instrument of choice is the piano. i found out about this album through a music blog; i listened to some songs, and found them quite enjoyable.

rasputina - oh perilous world
a mostly cello band, fond of wearing corsets and victorian costumes during their recitals. i had not heard much from them since their sophomore "how we quit their forest" (my favourite). i got their fifth and most recent album "oh perilous world". this newer material is not much different from before, except they seem to have lost a bit of the edgier electro-industrial sounds of "how we quit the forest". i'm sad i've still never seen them live...


aside from the faint, there seems to be some kind of theme with this purchase...


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