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thursday + nada surf

i checked out this tiny used book/cd/dvd shop on my way home from school. their cd selection is not large, but i found a couple of albums.

thursday - a city by the light divided
yesterday, i randomly dug out thursday's earlier album "full collapse" to listen, and it reminded me of how much i used to love this kind of music. it was like discovering a band all over again. coincidently, when browsing through the shelf today, i saw their more recent "a city by the light divided", and so i got it. listening to it now, it's good, but not as good as "full collapse". the newer album doesn't have any of the hardcore influences i love so much. there are more melodic songs, and one even has a slightly post-rock opening...

nada surf - high/low
this is the album that contains the song "popular", their big hit from the 90's. i loved that song back then, i still love it now. i'm kind of disappointed with the rest of that album. it sounds dated, typical rock from that post-grunge period; uninteresting. i much prefer their more recent material.


edit: there is a track on the thursday album that i didn't pay much attention to, until i heard a different mix of it. the difference is subtle, but i actually like it more. i'm slightly disappointed that they did not include this mix of the song instead, on the album... eargasm begins at around 2:13.

thursday - telegraph avenue kiss (rich costey mix)


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