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los campesinos! + dropkick murphys

new release today: los campesinos! "hold on now, youngster...". i've been waiting for this release for a while. this band sounds like so much fun. very dance-able pop songs, with a hint of twee, and boy-girl vocals.

since it was part of a 2/$25 deal, i also got dropkick murphys "the warrior's code". a bit of celtic punk there. i don't have any in my collection.

when i was at the store, i heard this one guy ask for a manager, since he wanted to complain about the security guard following him, which he did not like. and so, a manager and the security guard in question approach the guy, and they talk for a while. the guy tried to leave the store, but the security guard pulled him back in. the guy lost it, and started to shout: "i didn't steal anything! why are you treating me like this?!" etc. the manager and the security asked him to calm down. the guy kept shouting, almost wimpering. it was like a child throwing a tantrum. weird...


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an incident that reminds me of Kafka's "The Trial". haha poor guy.

oh really?
that novel will be next on my 'to-read' list.

Funny you should comment on my Los Campesinos! post.

I just got a fanclub email this morning with a free track that didn't make the upcoming record.