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gah, i feel so sick right now. sore throat, coughing, runny nose, headache, body temperature rising and dropping... this feels like a fever.

but surprise, this arrived in the mail today, and it cheered me up:

it was my first time ordering something directly from the label. temporary residence had a sale in december: four envy cd's and a mono dvd as a winter pack; also, buy 5 get 1 free, so i chose a fifth envy cd. since this was a pre-order, they only started shipping the stuff this week. it arrived today, yay! additionally, the lovely people at temporary residence marked the package as 'gift', so there was no customs tax to pay for this shipment arriving in montreal from the united states. very satisfied with my order; the next time they release something i like, i will definitely order directly from them.

the envy cd's i got:
all the footprints you've ever left and the fear expecting ahead
a dead sinking story
compiled fragments 1997-2003
insomniac doze
abyssal [ep]

the first three were out of print, and are now re-released by temporary residence. i first heard about this band after listening to mogwai's "mr. beast", where a member of envy contributes some vocals. at one point, i had gone through a 'screamo' phase, and so i immediately fell in love. i'd say envy is somewhere between post-rock and screamo, as there are highs and lows in the music, as well as emotional screaming vocals. i like that they've included english translations to their japanese lyrics, so i can follow what the songs are about. it's a beautiful mess.

i've just watched a bit of the mono dvd, "the sky remains the same as ever". it is mostly concert footage from their 2006-2007 tour, which included a date in montreal. unfortunately, in was in mid-april 2007, during the finals exams period of my final undergrad semester, and so i missed the show. now, i wished i had attended, because the concert footage seemed quite awesome! they're so intense. i hope they come back...


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That's an awesome deal!
I hope you're feeling better btw.