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lezzies on x + mogwai

i was at cheap thrills today. since i hadn't been since last year, i found a lot of stuff i wanted. i managed to restrain myself to just two cd's.

first, i got lesbians on ecstasy's self-titled debut album. i first heard their track "the pleasure principal" several years ago, on some college radio station; i thought it was catchy, with a bit of an edge. i saw this cd at the store today, so i picked it up. it's a fun album, good for parties.

lesbians on ecstasy - parachute clubbing

the second cd i got is mogwai's soundtrack for "zidane: a 21st century portrait". it's to add to my mogwai collection, even though i do not care much about a film on zidane.


i've taken the time to browse cheap thrills' online catalog, and i am finding even more stuffs that i want... damn, i wish i had the $$$ to get it all.


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