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the cure @ bell centre

i went to the show last night with roxanne and ryan. it was my first time at the bell centre. my first big arena show, and it was great! our section was facing the stage; the seats in the row immediately in front of us were unoccupied, so we had an unobstructed view the whole evening.

i had been waiting for this show for a while. it was initially scheduled for september 2007, but was postponed until last night.

i am glad they kept 65daysofstatic as the opening band. electro-post-rock. i really like their albums, and was disappointed that they did not sell cd's last night. they ended their set with "radio protector", my favourite track of theirs. live, they sound exactly the same as on their album, just louder.

the cure gave an *amazing* show. they played for two hours straight, then returned for three encores lasting an additional hour. they played a three-hour set! how awesome is that!?

they had lots of sparkly colourful lights. a large screen split in four sections was in the backgroud, showing different visuals to match the songs. for example, a giant spider during "lullaby".

i must admit that i am not familiar with their entire catalogue. i recognized about half the songs they played, the hits. their set was very varied; they played material spanning almost all their releases, from new songs, to old ones from their debut. it was lots of fun.

big thanks to roxanne, for writing down the mega-setlist.

1) plainsong
2) prayers for rain
3) a strange day
4) alt.end
5) the walk
6) the end of the world
7) lovesong
8) sleep when i'm dead (new)
9) pictures of you
10) lullaby
11) the perfect boy (new)
12) from the edge of the deep green sea
13) hot hot hot!!!
14) the only one (new)
15) push
16) in between days
17) just like heaven
18) primary
19) shake dog shake
20) never enough
21) wrong number
22) one hundred years
23) pornography
24) disintegration

encore 1:
25) at night
26) m
27) play for today
28) a forest

encore 2:
29) boys don't cry
30) jumping someone else's train
31) grinding halt
32) 10:15 saturday night

encore 3:
33) killing an arab
34) freakshow (new)
35) close to me
36) why can't i be you

it was my first time using my new camera at a concert. i took way too many photos, trying to find the optimal settings for that environment. a lot of them turned out not good, but a few were alright.

the funniest picture i took. at the moment when robert smith stuck out his tongue. too bad for the crappy quality.


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