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nine inch nails - the slip

yes, i know, nine inch nails' "the slip" was already digitally released a couple of months ago, for free. i had downloaded it then. but that doesn't stop me from buying the physical release today. just to push cd sales, it includes a dvd and some stickers (whatever), and is limited to 250,000 copies.

when i first listened to this album, i quite liked it, much more than the previous "ghosts i-iv". whereas "ghosts" sounds more experimental, like an exercise in the studio, "the slip" feels more like a complete album. the first part (tracks 1-6) sounds like typical nin songs, with catchy beats and/or angry vocals. the last few tracks (7-10) are my favourite: mostly instrumental, atmospheric, all the good stuff i love from "the fragile".

i looked around at the copies in the store, trying to find some good numbers. i settled on number 92,999:


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that's a really cool idea that they numbered each copy

i like your review. i have reviewed this album on my blog as well - captainmelody.blogspot.com