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iac 2008

last week was the 59th international astronautical congress, held in glasgow, scotland. since it was my first time in the uk (and in europe), it was quite exciting for me. it turned out to be a lot of fun, especially meeting a bunch of random other students.

the iac was held in the scottish exhibition and conference centre:

there was so much going on, the final programme was like a phone book. good thing they also provided us with a pocket programme:

i attended most of the student activities, held in the international student zone:

and bill nye (the science guy!) was there, as a moderator for a couple of the plenary sessions; i used to watch his show as a kid.

the congress next year will be held in daejeon, south korea. oh, how i would love to go.




oh that looks so cool! Hah, how random that Bill Nye was there!

I'm glad you had fun during this conference.
If you for some reason decide to do your PhD, at least you'll have Korea to look forward to :)


so jealous of all these trips :)